Oil painting is a new level of creativity for me, somewhere between sculpture and drawing.  For years I was primarily a watercolorist, beholden to the image or drawing beneath the pigment.  Oil painting is a beast in and of itself that directs my brush to the finish.  The texture and mass of the paint is less delicate but more subtle in its completion which allows for heavier flow of creativity while still demanding the discipline.

My most recent paintings are a reflection of structure and nature dominated by the Oregon light.  I usually start with an object or a creature of interest and inner link relationships through color texture and light.  I guess the message would be nothing really exists alone.



Water Color has been and will always be part of my artistic portfolio.  I am grateful to have dedicated so many years to the medium as I believe it gave me a proficient foundation in drawing and color.  Now that so much of my painting time is dedicated to oil painting I feel as though water color is a naked medium where no mistake or error goes unnoticed.